Great SKI PRE-SALE 2022

Great SKI PRE-SALE 2022

When Ushuaia is covered in white and its ski center, Cerro Castor, invites you to slide skiing, snowboarding or simply sledding, it is the exact moment in which you cannot find accommodation. Or, availability is so low that prices skyrocket and you risk missing another snow season at the End of the World. This is why Lennox Ushuaia invites us to secure a place this winter.
Located in the heart of the city, Lennox is in a strategic place for those who choose snow for recreation; houses selling and renting ski items, transportation to the hill and everything related to winter sports can be found less than a block from the hotel.
How does the promo work? The proposal is very simple and effective, by buying your stay at Lennox Ushuaia in advance, you automatically have access to exclusive benefits, as well as a differential rate and the certainty that your place is already insured.
Lennox Ushuaia is also recognized for its restaurant on the roof of the hotel, Buena Vista Bar & Lounge, which, as its name indicates, has incredible views of the city and the Beagle Channel. In addition to its exquisite Fuegian cuisine, you can also enjoy the
hot chocolates and after ski at the hotel, a real reward for skiers.
It should be noted that Ushuaia has the longest snow season in South America. Being able to travel from the opening of the ski center until September inclusive, with the peace of mind of knowing that the best snow is guaranteed, as well as fun and dreamlike landscapes at this time of year.

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