Lennox Hotels Buenos Aires continues to work closely with local government, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and World Health Organization (WHO) to keep our enhanced protocols for safety and sanitization during the active pandemic up to standard and to ensure the well-being of our staff and guests. Limiting occupancy, utilization of personal protection equipment including hand gloves and face masks and maintaining physical distance from guests are among the many areas we are critically focusing on. In the face of our new efforts to maintain public health and safety, above all we are committed to providing the personalized, luxurious experience that our guests will always be able to count on from the Lennox brand.

Staff Training - Staff has been specially trained on COVID-19 safety and proper disinfection protocols, as are provided continuous information on regulations and resources to maintain a safe environment has been thoroughly implemented for all employees. In addition, each employee will use appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) on-site, according to their role and responsibilities, and in compliance with state or local regulations and guidelines. Some employees will also use gloves if their responsibilities require it as determined by medical experts, including housekeeping employees and assistants in public areas that are in direct contact with guests.

  • Our bellman will disinfect all luggage before entering the hotel.
  • A facial covering that fully covers both the mouth and nose are required for all people age 2 and older to enter the hotel, and must be worn at all times in the hotel’s indoor public areas and hallways. If dining indoors at the hotel’s restaurant, and only after being seated at one of the socially distanced tables, may guests remove their face mask while dining.
  • Face masks may also be required in outdoor public spaces if government ordinance requires at the time. In order to provide the safest environment possible for our guests and staff, any persons aged 2 or older with certain health conditions are not exempt from our mandatory facial covering requirement, and we will look forward to welcoming these guests when our policy no longer requires the use of face masks.
  • Physical Distancing measures have been implemented throughout the hotel. Guests will be advised and reminded to stay at least six feet away from other guests who are not companions. This applies in our reception area, our elevator landings, and in the hotel interior common areas.
  • Our poolside loungers and daybeds, as well as restaurant tables will be arranged to ensure proper distancing and each area of the hotel will comply with state or local occupancy limits. In addition, markers will be posted on elevator floors to remind guests to maintain social distance and that no more than four guests per elevator will be allowed at any given time.

Guest Room Disinfection – All guest rooms will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sealed with a disinfection label prior to guest entry, assuring complete preparation for their arrival. Each guest room will receive a COVID-19 awareness card that describes the health and disinfection measures being taken in the hotel. A bottle of disinfectant spray and/or wipes will be provided in each room for guest use. Upon check-out, each room will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and the rooms will be sealed with a disinfectant label following a final disinfection of all surfaces with an electrostatic spray gun. Each room will be empty for 24 hours between guest occupations and no room changes will occur until the next day of request.

Public Spaces and Communal Areas – All public areas ave also been addressed with increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection to all public spaces, with an emphasis on frequently touched surfaces such as reception check-in counters, desks, elevators and elevator buttons, door handles, public toilets, room keys and locks, handrails, gymnasium equipment, dining room surfaces and seating areas. Electrostatic disinfectant-spraying guns are used throughout the hotel’s common areas throughout each day.


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