Stories and legends of the End of the World

Stories and legends of the End of the World
The screeching of steel wagons, as the locomotive moves forward, wakes up the disturbing white landscape that surrounds us. Outside, the snow falls livid and relentless. Suddenly, to one side of the tracks between the trees, someone is staring at the passing of the railroad. He is a wiry middle-aged man, with a desperate look, wearing old prison clothes. Something does not fit, something is not right. To everyone's surprise, the strange character runs towards us, stretching out his arms to grab onto the car, meters away from doing so, he disappears. It vanishes… The train winds its way out of our stupor while the guide indicates over the loudspeakers “On your right, the famous Pipo River”.
Those with memories of Ushuaia say that "Pipo" was one of the many inmates who passed through the famous Prison of the End of the World or Ushuaia Prison. Let us remember that this prison, which functioned between 1904 and 1947, at the time was the most secure prison in Argentina; Tierra del Fuego's inclement weather and geographic isolation made it the most feared destination for any inmate. They say that those prisoners with good behavior were taken in a small train that was only used by them (currently the End of the World Train), to look for firewood in the forest. Among them one day was Pipo, they say that looking to escape, he jumped from the train and ran before the warning beeps of the guards. He ran through the snow looking for his freedom, but only found a frozen river that at its hasty pace made the ice layer give way before his feet sinking instantly into the cold waters of the Ajej River (named after the Yámanas). His body was never found. Thus ended its existence and gave life to the famous legend of "the ghost of Pipo". Currently, the river is named in his honor: Río Pipo.
It is said that, on winter days, when the snow falls, an unsuspecting tourist, from the train, can see how a convict tries to get back on the train. He always disappears powerlessly to escape his cold fate.

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