Executive Lunch


Main / Main races

Pumpkin & mozzarella sorrentinos w/ pink sauce
Bondiola in a wine reduction with sweet-potatoes chips
Chicken breast w/ mustard & honey sauce, with corn pudin
Carrot crepes stuffed w/ spinach & ricotta
Vegetable wok with rice
Caesar salad w/ chicken
Schepherd´s pie
Crispy chicken w/ mashed potatoes
Penne Rigatte w/ leek & blue chees sauce
Vegetable sorrentinos w/ mushroom, bacon and leek sauce

Desserts / Desserts

Fruit salad.
Fruit salad.
Homemade flan.
Homemade flan.
Bread pudding with dulce de leche and caramel.
Pudding with dulce de leche.


Sparkling or still water
Water, sparking water.
Pepsi line soft drinks.