Fill your minibar

Buena Vista Minibar

Let our reception team bring you your favorite products for the minibar in your room, they must be requested by telephone dialing 0 (zero) from the room, available 24 hours a day, once delivered they will be charged to your account as consumed.


Bebibas sin alcohol

Soda 354ml
Soft drink 354ml
$ 1.500,00
500ml water
Water 500ml
$ 1.000,00

Bebidas con alcohol

Beer 475ml
$ 2.300,00
White Wine 355ml
$ 2.500,00

To eat

Salted peanut
Salty peanuts 65gr
$ 1.100,00
Chocolate Alfajor
chocolate alfajor
$ 800,00
cereal bar
Cereal Bar
$ 800,00
Savory Snack
$ 700,00